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E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglazes by Duncan

Duncan stopped production, this means is that many products will go in and out of stock. If you need a particular color, and see it here, order it NOW! We are going to display our inventory qty on this website so you can decide what to order better.  See Mayco’s list of the priority Duncan Items it intends to  produce. 

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These Mayco is Keeping

EZ012 Cobalt Jet Black.....1 oz, 16 oz

EZ013 White...1 oz, 16 oz

EZ023 Midnight Blue.....1 oz

EZ026 Yellow Orange....1 oz

EZ027 Navajo Turquoise.....1 oz

EZ028 Leaf Green.......1 oz

EZ030 Rose....1 oz

EZ033 Ivy Green....1 oz

EZ037 Black.......1 oz, 16 oz

EZ050 Pueblo Purple.....1 oz

EZ058 Poppy Orange....1 oz

EZ075 Passion Red......1 oz

E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglazes by Duncan

E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglazes

for Greenware Or Bisque

EZ Strokes have become popular for their versatility. Their translucent quality makes them suitable for use with a number of decorating techniques including airbrushing, antiquing and brushstrokes. One stroke is all you need for most design work. One or two additional strokes may be added for depth and shading while the color is still wet. if additional coats are applied after the color has dried, the heavy build up may cause popping off, bleeding and bubbling.

30 EZ Stroke colors can be applied directly to bisque, check the label for details. EZ Strokes may be applied over most and underglazes, including Cover- Coats and other EZ Stroke colors, allowing the base color to show through. They may also be used to change clay slip, most glazes, fired snow and other EZ Stroke colors.


  • One coat for translucent designs
  • Additional coats for depth and shading
  • Apply to greenware or unfired glaze or bisque if labels so indicates
  • Fire to shelf cone 04 (most colors can be safely fired to cone 6 except the pinks and purples)
  • Many colors also come in pint size