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Duncan & Mayco paints for ceramics are the most reliable and popular glazes and underglazes available.

 We are New Mexico Clay. One of Mayco's largest USA distributors.  With our large inventory,  we have what you want in stock! Mayco is producing select Duncan products as Duncan went out of business.

Mayco and Duncan ceramic supplies are divided into five different categories:

Mayco and Duncan Glazes

In general, Mayco and Duncan glazes are applied to bisque, usually one color will be used to cover one entire piece. Fire to cone 06.


Underglazes are used when every you paint something different colors, such as flowers painted on to a vase. They are usually used on greenware then fired to cone 04. The Fundamentals from Mayco are replacing Duncan's Covercoats.    Concepts and Stroke 'n coats are the exception, they are only used on 04 bisque: let dry apply two coats of clear glaze and fire to cone 06. 


Duncan Acrylic paints and Mayco's Softees are used whenever a lot of detail is required on a piece of bisque, they are never fired.

Tools & Brushes

Tools and brushes created just for ceramics.


Overglazes, Lusters and Mother of Pearl. Metallic Overglazes for the brilliance of gold and luster of a rainbow.


1 & 3 gallon buckets of glaze. For Brushing and Dipping


Molds Some are still available

We want to provide the highest level of service possible, if you are ever not satisfied with a  glaze, service or delivery, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • As of election day 2020 it was announced that Duncan Enterprises (a 75 year old company) has sold its whole line to Mayco Colors of Ohio.

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