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Duncan stopped production, this means is that many products will go in and out of stock over the next 4 months. If you need a particular color order it NOW! We are going to display our inventory qty on this website so you can decide what to order better.  See Mayco’s list of the priority Duncan Items it intends to start producing. Download the "Best of Duncan" Palette   And this hastily written...Download the Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart  Download the latest Mayco/Duncan Price list

Duncan Glazes

Duncan Glazes

Duncan Ceramic low-fire glazes for 06 firing on 04 bisque.

In general low fire glazes are used on earthenware clay or slip cast bisque. On 04 bisque brush on three FLOWING coats, allowing each coat to dry. (otherwise if the first coat is wet you will be wiping it off). A criss-cross pattern is recommended for even coverage.

When dry fire to cone 06.

Read the labels for specific product information.

Select a Category 

  • Envision Glazes

    The main cone 06 glaze family from Duncan

    Lead free and dinnerware-safe glazes that produce a gloss finish in a range of colors. Some are transparent and some are opaque (or somewhere in-between.) They are all food safe and lead free. (fire to cone 06).

    Envision yourself with the best – quality nontoxic, dinnerware-safe glazes in colors you love! Envision™ Glazes work with a variety of decorating techniques and produce a distinctively smooth and elegant appearance in intense colors ranging from opaque to transparent.

    See the world in vibrant color! Envision™ Glazes are perfect for ceramists, schools and finished-ware manufacturers!

    • Easy to use
    • Creamy consistency for excellent brushability
    • Works in perfect harmony with other Duncan glazes and underglazes for dramatic results
    • Available in 4-oz. jars with selected colors available in pints and gallons
  • Artisan Glazes

    Artisan Glazes™

    Achieve the look of mid-range glazes with low-fire Duncan® Artisan Glazes™, a line that replicates cone 5-6 colors with just a cone 06 fire. Duncan® Artisan Glazes™ are the un-intimidating choice for artists and potters who want to layer glazes on bisque created from low-fire clay bodies. Trust Duncan® Artisan Glazes™ to provide the luscious colorations of mid-range glazes in a fearless low-fire glaze application.

    Watch video on YouTube

  • Courtyard Art Glazes

    Courtyard Art Glazes

    These  unique, self-antiquing, lead-free matte glazes result in rich varied color with no two firings giving exactly the same results. Courtyard Art Glazes work well with Concepts  Underglazes for Majolica and Bisque.

    Use over and under Concepts underglazes for unusual effects
    Say Welcome Back to Courtyard Glazes!! We listened -- and have brought back these wonderful glazes due to popular demand!

  • Crackles Glazes

    Crackles™ Glazes

    These beautiful glazes are non toxic and lead free, but not all are recommended for dinnerware due to their texture.

    Remember when “cracking” was a bad thing? Sidewalks, windows, cups … Thank goodness that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Crackles™ Glazes! Use them to add character to your pieces; these specially formulated glazes create cracks similar to crazing when fired, resulting in a distinctive aged, antique look.

    For extra depth, highlight the cracks created in the firing by antiquing the piece with ink or acrylic paint.

  • Crystals Glazes

    Duncan® Crystals Glazes™

    Set off fireworks of color on your pieces with Duncan® Crystals Glazes™! These unique glazes create bright, multicolored bursts and specks when fired, resulting in a different finish every time.
    With Crystals Glazes, color crystals move throughout the glaze during firing, creating a distinctively interesting appearance. Each result depends on the size of the crystal, slope of the piece and temperature of the fire. Like the excitement of fireworks festivities, you’ll love the pops of color from Crystals Glazes!
    Colors are available in 4 oz. jars, and assorted colors are also available in pints.

  • Designer Glazes

    Designer Glazes™

    Duncan Paints introduces Duncan Designer Glazes™, a line of premium ceramic arts glazes inspired by Fashion Couture to turn fashion designer elements into home décor! Now.  Create decorative pieces for the home that imitate the fabrics, textures, and colors people love to wear! The lustrous finish, accented by the unique color breaks make each piece – simply stunning!  “It’s all about a high-end look for your home while expressing your personal style, Bringing the fashion designer’s palette into home décor will make living spaces reflect the individuality of the homeowner while utilizing the shapes and natural elements of ceramic arts!”
    With fashionably named colors like Distressed Denim, Organza Orange, Carbon Chiffon, Natural Linen, Forest Flannel, Crimson Chenille, Khaki Canvas, Teal Tweed and Saffron Silk, Duncan Designer Glazes™ instantly bring to mind everyone’s favorite fabrics that are sure to inspire one-of-a-kind creations. The lustrous finish, accented by the unique color breaks these glazes produce, will make each piece….a masterpiece!
    The consistent results that Duncan Designer Glazes™ provide, coupled with their versatility and ease of use make these glazes ideal for both the casual ceramist and professional alike. Use in combination with other Duncan glazes and underglazes as well as in combination with each other. 

  • French Dimensions

    French Dimensions

    Dimensional glazes for raised design effects over and under
    nonmoving glazes and over each other.

    Learning About French Dimensions.

    Basic Instructions
    1. Apply with squeeze bottle.
    2. Maintain steady squeeze pressure.
    3. Fire to shelf cone 06.
    4. Do not touch bottle tip to ware (this may cause the French Dimensions to flatten).
    5. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque (or greenware, depending on technique)
    Tips & Techniques
    1. Popularly used with the stained glass technique. Create design outline on greenware; fire to shelf cone 04; fill design with various glaze colors; glaze fire to shelf cone 06.
    2. Use in combination with other glazes for intriguing looks.
    3. Use to create lace effects.
    4. Use to outline design on ware.
    5. Great for lettering, including From: and To: in birthday gifts.
    6. Great for making dots.
    Health & Safety
    1. Nontoxic and lead-free, but not recommended for use on food containers due to raised surface.

  • Shimmer Glazes

    Shimmer Glazes That Glitter from Duncan!

    Let your artistic juices gush with the lovely luster of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes.

    These low-fire, food-safe glazes features a sophisticated palette that joins rich color with intense sparkle that is perfect for all-over shimmer or for adding gorgeous accents to your glaze and underglaze projects. Innovative, opulent and fun, treat you to the beauty and sheen of Duncan® Shimmer Glazes.
    Created with an innovative new formula that's never been on the market before, Shimmer Glazes are nontoxic for all ages to use; they're even not dangerous to decorate dinnerware with! Pair them with Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes and Duncan® Envision Glazes® for endless creative possibilities.

  • Color Burst Crystal Chips

    Color Burst Glaze Crystals

    Increase the color splash in existing crystal glazes, or make your own from any base color.

    Features and Benefits:

    •Food safe
    •Fires cone 06 to cone 6
    •Available in a popular array of colors
    •Each container includes various sized chips
    •Combine and use with any glaze for one-of-a-kind results

  • Metallic Glazes

    Metallic Glazes (Fired)

    Metallic Glazes are applied to cone 04 bisque, then fired to cone 04 
    (SY1024 Antique Pewter fires to shelf cone 06).

    • These Specialty Glazes are not formulated to be fired with greenware, as the greenware fumes will damage the glaze and ruin the finish.
    • Great for use as a Raku glaze. 
    • Apply Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze over the top of colors to create color variation.
    • Apply Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze over the Metallic Glazes and fire to recommended cone per label instructions. Then apply decal and fire to recommended cone for decal. 
    • Base coat with any glaze color, apply Wax Resist, then apply Metallic Glazes colors to create metallic specks.
    • Apply a splash of Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze over colors and apply a Heat Patina* to create interesting effects.*Heat Patina is a process accomplished by applying heat with a propane torch to the work post firing until the color changes. Be careful not to crack your work!
  • Special Fired Products

    Special Fired Products

    Snow- Create the look of fresh fallen snow on the bows of you christmas tree with fired snow.

    Patch-A-Tatch- your favorite, inexpensive repair past you can glaze over!

  • True Matte Pastels

    Introducing NEW Duncan® True Matte Pastels™

    Duncan® True Matte Glazes exude modern appeal, Deep rich colors and  pastels are here to stay and have evolved from sweet to sophisticated. This nontoxic, food-safe glaze consists of 8 fresh colors developed to accentuate your design. The smooth matte finish creates a refined look whether painted in monochromatic hues, paired with bright colors, or used in a Majolica technique.  

    Decorate your pieces with the modern, sophisticated palette from Duncan® True Matte Glazes!

    Features and Benefits:

    • Smooth, matte finish
    • Nontoxic and food safe
    • Fire to cone 06
    • Available in 4-oz. and 16-oz. jars
  • Satin Glazes

    Satin Glazes

    All are discontinued...

    Satin Glazes are so named because of their soft, muted sheen. They move very little during firing, which makes them ideally suited for creative design work, majolica and controlled glazing techniques.

    • Kiln Required: Yes
    • Cone Firing Range: 06
    • Finish: Satin
    • Coverage: 3 coats
    • Food Safe: Yes
    • Nontoxic: Yes
    • Available Sizes: 4 oz., assorted pints


    Most Satin Glazes produce a smooth, opaque matte finish. Clear Satin Glaze is transparent. Because Satin Glazes move very little in the glaze firing, they are an excellent choice for creative design work and controlled glazing techniques. The Satin Glazes are all nontoxic, dinnerware safe, and Overglaze compatible. 

  • Cone 5-6 Glazes

    Duncan Cone 5-6 Hi-Fire Glazes

    All are discontinued

    The wonder and mystery of the old world come alive with Duncan® Renaissance Glazes™, a premier mid-range glaze that modernizes art history. The line of eight unique glazes provides limitless opportunities to embrace the rustic, ancient, historical and artistic perspectives of the 16th century…all with the ease of application that the Duncan® Ceramic brand is known for. People love to create with Renaissance Glazes™ because the unique and unexpected color breaks once fired ensure individuality of expression. Renaissance Glazes™ are available in a new, easy-to-use pints.

    And    Duncan True Matte 5 Glazes

    The colors and durability you desire at a mid-range temperature. True Matte 5 Glazes are ready-to-use colors that fire to a soft, porcelain finish and can be used on a variety of clays, each providing distinctive modern effects for your artistic vision.