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Opaque Stains the Bisq-Stains from Duncan

Most OS's were spared the great purge of 2020

We may be out until Mayco sends us new product.

Opaque Stains the Bisq-Stains from Duncan

Bisque-Stain® Opaque Stains

Water-based acrylics for base coats, dry brushing, brushwork, stenciling and sponging. Each color is available in a 2-oz squeeze bottle. They are super can do it all acrylics. 

You don’t have to wait for a rainy day to capture the essence of a rainbow! With Duncan® Bisq-Stain® Opaque Acrylics, you can cover your pieces in a wealth of rich, vibrant colors that can be mixed to create even more tones, tints and shades. Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics provide solid coverage for your pieces and are water-based for easy cleanup. Use them with stencils, sponging, dry brushing and other decorative painting techniques. Do Not Fire!