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Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes

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Duncan stopped production of the cover coats, this means is that many products will go  out of stock over the next 4 months. If you need a particular color order it NOW! We are going to display our inventory qty on this website so you can decide what to order better.  See Mayco’s list of the priority Duncan Items it intends to start producing. Download the "Best of Duncan" Palette   And this hastily written...Download the Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart  Download the latest Mayco/Duncan Price list

Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes

Sun plate by Jerry Frutchey.

All Cover-Coats are discontinued, we will replace them with Amaco Velvets, Mayco Fundamentals, Coyote UG's, and Spectrum Underglazes. Meanwhile if there is a BUY BUTTON you can still get some!

For solid color, 3-coat coverage on greenware.

If you love layers, coat your pieces with Duncan's Cover-Coat® Opaque Underglazes! Applied directly to greenware, soft-fired bisque or bisque, these underglazes provide solid coverage over even the darkest colors, and are perfect for airbrushing and brushwork. Cover-Coats® fire to an opaque, porous matte finish and are safe for food when a Duncan food-safe clear glaze is applied over them. 

(Use Envision Clear Glaze)