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Mayco Crystal Glazes


The Duncan Crystal glazes all discontinued

Duncan stopped production, this means is that many products will go in and out of stock. If you need a particular color, and see it here, order it NOW! We are going to display our inventory qty on this website so you can decide what to order better.  See Mayco’s list of the priority Duncan Items it intends to  produce. 

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Mayco Crystal Glazes

Mayco’s Jungle Gems™ Crystal Glazes
Mayco Crystallites too!

These glazes transform in the kiln when the small pieces of glass frit burst into color and intricate patterns during the firing process. Artists use these beautiful glazes to add dramatic, colorful effects to their creations.

Set off fireworks of color on your pieces with Crystal Glazes! These unique glazes create bright, multicolored bursts and specks when fired, resulting in a different finish every time.
With Crystals Glazes, color crystals move throughout the glaze during firing, creating a distinctively interesting appearance. Each result depends on the size of the crystal, slope of the piece and temperature of the fire. Like the excitement of fireworks festivities, you’ll love the pops of color from Crystals Glazes!
Colors are available in 4 oz. jars, and assorted colors are also available in pints.

Brush on 3 coats on bisque, Fire to Cone 06

Duncan® Crystals Glazes™ are all discontinued