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Cone 5-6 Glazes

All are discontinued, some are still available.

Cone 5-6 Glazes

Duncan Cone 5-6 Hi-Fire Glazes

All are discontinued

The wonder and mystery of the old world come alive with Duncan® Renaissance Glazes™, a premier mid-range glaze that modernizes art history. The line of eight unique glazes provides limitless opportunities to embrace the rustic, ancient, historical and artistic perspectives of the 16th century…all with the ease of application that the Duncan® Ceramic brand is known for. People love to create with Renaissance Glazes™ because the unique and unexpected color breaks once fired ensure individuality of expression. Renaissance Glazes™ are available in a new, easy-to-use pints.

And    Duncan True Matte 5 Glazes

The colors and durability you desire at a mid-range temperature. True Matte 5 Glazes are ready-to-use colors that fire to a soft, porcelain finish and can be used on a variety of clays, each providing distinctive modern effects for your artistic vision.

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